Back in Oxford for a couple of days.

After a hard day at work, you rapidly dress up, jump in to the bus to go in town at the internet cafe (before it closes at 7) and then you realise you haven't received any email from your boyfriend. And your heart melts, you feel shitty and lost in cold world. Damn ;)

You know that you are in Britain when :
* the roof and windshield of your double decker bus suddenly hit tree branches while the driver is negociating a curve into a middle-age village;
* people say "fuckin hell" instead of "fuckin shit";
* they talk about the royal family at every news bulletin on "telly"
* ALL those damn stores and cafes close at 7pm even on a Friday night;
* there's a drunk Irish guy in the corner of every pub, bar or club;
* every houses on a street look the same, but not the gardens;
* you eat YorkshA pudding at the dinnA and it tastes like fuckin hell. A cup of tHea with that, my dear?



No words to describe this place. It's the most....


A story that reminds us....a lot. Take the time to read.


5000 kms by plane to come in Britain. And what you find here : The Atomic Kittens #1 on the charts with a Debbie Gibson cover "Eternal Flame".



Ok, let's talk about BRITAIN guys (just for changing of this damn WTC and Pakistan...)

I'm in Britain since last Tuesday. Arrived on THAT tuesday, but...let's stay quiet about this thing.

First Day

Arrived on a (quite usual) cloudy and cool morning. Everything went OK from Gatwick to London, then I got kinda lost in the tube, that is pretty confusing for someone used to the Montreal simple subway system. London-Oxford by train, during wich I slept a bit. Oxford. I called at my workplace to learn that no one was expecting me on that day. OK.....Fine. Made my way from Oxford (pronounce
"Hahxfurd" babe!) to Great Milton, wich should be 500 people...Arriving at the manoir. Hello guys. Met a big boss, who I will never come to work again with, but anyway...She made a couple of phone calls to find me a bed for the night. I ended up at Ms De Payva place, wich is 5-10 minuts driving from the manoir - since I can't use a bike to ride to work nor have a license, someone will eventually pick me up to go to work...but this was at this point completely worthless, cause all I needed wasn't love, but BED. Had my first real sleep in 24 hours - it lasted 22 hrs....


This day was principally sleeping, but I woke up at 2pm, had a little chat with Ms De Payva, then met hes two daughters - Mimi, 15 and Lucia, 8. While Ms De Payva is very empathic and nice, Mimi is a total teenager - very nice and always laughin, complaining about her younger sister, making-up and talking on her cellphone. Lucia is a quite funny kid, playing cello, having a fixation on Ancient Egypt and always talking. The three ones kept asking me questions during all the supper, then Mimi brought me in Oxford to go the internet cafe. As we arrived on 8pm, I realised that everything in town was closing at 7pm....wich I found stunning for an universitary city. We took the bus (2-floors bus!) and went bakc home.


First day working. Went well, but I am working with two spanish girls whose accents are so fucked up and difficult to understand than I almost get nothing. Everyone in there is really nice - like all english people I met, actually....I should get to like the job, and eventually be good...

Since Thursday, I studied a litlle more english people, and english way of life....Every shops ans stores closes at 7pm every day - like the internet cafe I am in the moment....wich means I have 30 mins left to finish this update ;) Weather is not as cloudy as I expected it to be - it changes from minuts to minuts...actually, it is quite funny! Gardening is a pure english skill and roses are everywhere. Nothing as charming as people leaving Oxford City Hall at 7pm under the english rain, opening their colourful umbrellas. Nothing like the Thame passing by Oxford University, with trees lying their branches in the green transluscent water....

Since I'm getting a bit too more pathetic, and that the cafe is about to close, I have to stop this post here ;) I feel so great to be here that I would die of it ;) Write me some emails!


I don't have much time on my hand, but there's just a little post to say hi, i'm not dead into a plane crash in this place formely known as world Trade Center. Britain is everything I was expecting it to be - and even more cool...This is.....incredible!!


SO this is it. It's probably my last post from Qu├ębec, Canada. I will leave for London on next monday - in two days.

People ask me if I feel a bit stressed out. I know I should, but I totally don't - and don't know why ;) I don't feel anything but happy and excited and also kind of regretful for people I will leave behind, especially some of them and especially one of these....

It's weird to write in english. I write this blog that way because some of the visitors can't understand french. But, logically, I should write the blog in french, in order to keep it OK during this next total-english year...I will try as much as possible to do it in english, but sure I will feel like wrting in french somedays.

For those who still don't know and who didn't receive the collective mail, this is where I will work in Oxford, UK....Take a look at it, and start now to save money to come over and visit me there!

More stuff to come in....see ya in UK guys!