Tonight : Pulp Concert!! Pray for me, 'cause I still need to buy my ticket and it's sold out...

If anything goes right - mean if I get a ticket - I should be on IRC and ICQ from midnight until 6 am (7pm-1am MTL time) tonight. Come around and have a chat if you have some spared time!


"Harry Potter" is an ordinairy movie, except for the Quidditch match - it would be great if Quidditch would be an actual sport! Before the movie, among plenty others ads, I catched the "Star Wars II" preview, and it seems not that bad though this horrible title : "Attack of the Clones"...let's see (in May 2002!). And, as usual, a "Lord of the Rings" preview, the longer I've seen until now. A doubt is presently in my mind : will this be a trilogy (what I first thought) or a single movie?? For the last previews I saw showed the Mount Doom and other glimpses of Mordor and great battles as well - if my mind is right, there are no such battles until "The Two Towers"...

Oh my God, I feel so NERD!!!


MP3 to download : The Strokes - Last Night.

Do not wear trainers to go out in Oxford.

I finally didn't get my Pulp ticket for the Brixton Academy last week : sold out. Shit happens. I guess I will just go there and wait until I see someone willing to sell me a ticket.

Do not wear trainers to go out in Oxford

I have a ton of pictures to dowload, the only thing needed is a scanner. Later. For today, I am going to see the "Harry Potter" movie. Having completely hated the first book, I expect the movie to be better, wich is not asking to much I think. But really to me, the great thrill is to wait for the "Lord of the Rings" movie (I must admit I surprised myself earlier this week lying on my couch gazing at the air around, a smile on my face, thinking about that movie now coming out in least than a month). I feel a bit weirdo to be waiting so much for a fantasy movie.


At the end, I have some pictures to scan, I come to the internet cafe in Oxford, and, oh, the scanner is not working....

Tomorrow will be a shopping day in London (trousers, ticket for the Pulp concert on Nov. 30th, ideas, christmas gifts and all...) in the cold, wet english weather. Yeah, this is as worst as you heard it about and maybe even more.

I'm still in limbo in these days. I'm looking for a future somewhere somehow, and to tell the entire truth, there is nothing or no one that truly helps me to decide what I should finally do of my brain. For the moment, the only thing I can really worry about is if wether or no not there will be tickets still available for that Pulp concert when I will go to buy it tomorrow. I really do feel insignificant and meaningless. (But that is a pretty confortable state of mind).


Hu, hey, all, I'm sorry for this long-to-come post...Been busy on the last days, and most of all, completely run out of money for the past 2 weeks so all that was left to do was reading (The Lord of the Rings) and well, pub....

I've been here for nearly two months. Here is the soundtrack of those days :

The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Hefner - Where Angels Play Their Drummachines
Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time?
Les Cowboys Fringants - Leopold
Estopa - El del medio de los Chichos
The Stereophonics - Have a Nice Day
AfroMan - 'Cause I Get High

Hefner! The Hefner concert was pretty good, actually everything I could expect from a Hefner concert, you see? ;) We were about 200 attending at this concert...and...really I don't know how to describe it. Darren was as sweet and shy and ugly as I thought he would be...magical :)

Since I have arrived in England :

Books : "The Lord Of The Rings", "Fight Club" and "The End of The Affair".

Movies : "Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain", "Alien 4" and I plan to go for "The Others" and "Harry Potter" (yeah! seems like a very entertaining movie to me)

Well, do not have much more time...I would like to thank the guy who invented the english pub (but he could have extended the opening hours a little bit more).