Sunday night in Oxford; almost boring. Almost.

This Pop Idol thing is so god damn addictive, it's a shame. When Zoe was voted out of the show yesterday, I felt disturbed for a couple of minutes. Just to advise everybody : my favorite contestant is Gareth. In fact, I could not choose between Zoe and Gareth, both of them were so lovely and good performers (YES! I know that Gareth cannot say two words in a row but he's just sooooooo sweet!!!). Not that Zoe is out, well, all my devotion can now go to Gareth. To be true, I would like William and Darius to die in a plane crash just to make sure Gareth will win. Fi.

One exciting moment in my life : I've just got my first msg on my answerphone on my new mobile.

Can everyone feel the cynism in my voice? But the fact is, yes, I actually got myself a mobile phone to make things easier. I passed so much time criticizing mobiles that I've felt like a traitor since I have bought it. But, hum, texting is funny...


Last night, she said, oh man I feel so down....

My trip in Britain will ever be marked by some songs. I try to make a list of those on this blog, but music is such an important part of my life here that I cannot track them all. Radio is sometimes incredible, sometimes horrible, but always different from what we're used to in Quebec. I'm even close to like dance music.

Bought last week :
Radiohead - Live Recordings
Belle and Sebastian - Tigermilk
Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister
Belle and Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
Belle and Sebastian - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant

This new Radiohead album is incredible. For the fans, it's a great piece of music, especially if you have seen them live. Some songs are simply genius. But the album is too short and could have covered more than "KID A" and "Amnesiac" (the concert I've seen last August saw most of the songs of "OK Computer", "KID A" and "Amnesiac" played and a good part from "The Bends". All this last more than 2 hours.) "Everything In Its Right Place" is almost better live and "Like Sipnning Plates" is.....perfect. I passed 4 hours listening to it on the repeat mode.

For this avalanche of Belle and Sebastian' albums, well, I have no logic explanation except that they were incredibly cheap compared to how much they cost in Quebec. I'm almost fed up with violons, sweetness and melancholy after a week of listening to all those albums, but well, it's...sooooooo lovely.


When was it, again?

I've been much lazy on the last days, preferring to spend my nights at the pub with the usual people (Lara, Luke, Simon, Karine), drinking Caffrey's and ESB and smoking Karine's fags. Tonight? Should I have enough courage to make THAT phone call (yes I will!) or will we end up again in front of a pint messing each other's life?
Should I buy a mobile?
Should I go to the Virgin and spend my last quids on CDs?

Dancing songs of the month :
Basement Jaxx - 'Where's Your Head At?' (THE dance song of the last 4 months here)
Daniel Bedingfield - 'Gotta Get Thru This' (a quite bad song, but it's catchy, yes)

The last days have been also spent in touring Britain (what I am here for, after all). Karine and me went to Warwick Castle, ran after the peacocks, climbed on the towers and filmed around. Then yesterday, we took the train for Bath, drank coffee, walked, sat on the Circus for 2 hours chatting and hoping for a car accident that nearly happened. No matter where you go, the problem is that you always take yourself with you.


Play it again Sam, play it, "As Time Goes By".

Every time that I go in London and I end up in Victoria Station around 5pm, the city scares me. Too much people, too fast...There is always this drowning feeling when I walk on the street...I almost feel like I could just let myself go among all those people and still, they would bring me somewhere, like a river.

Today, I spent my christmas present, a £100 voucher at Harrod's. I hated the store. Too big, too much people. I'm not absolutely "anti-consommation" (sometimes I even eat at McDonald's!!) but still, when I see a 500 pounds simple scraf....it makes me feel a bit physically sick. Anyway. I managed to get a pair of Christian Lacroix red trousers, a camel wool t-shirt and a little gift for my mom. Alleluia.


Live in Oxford. I've just missed my f******bus and the next one was 2 hours later....at 11pm. The last one. I feel dumb.

Today was a weird day. Things start, things end and there's only me remaining at the end.

The internet cafe where I am, in the moment, is an old, old Oxford house, with wood-panelling on the walls. With the years passing, the wood has dried and twisted, the ceiling rounded and I have this strange feeling that I am not in the real world in the moment. The room around me seems to come right from those weird places seen in "Dr.Caligari Cabinet".

New Year was......New Year. An end to something. A start? Do I really want it?