Continuing posting about Parisssss

Tuesday 19th - All day
That tuesday was pretty cool. First, we got up at 10:30 and realised that, fuck, it was late...Nevermind. Breakfast in a brasserie in Montmartre, then the ascension of the stairs in the Sacre-Coeur garden. Impressive but still, my heart is devoted to Notre Dame...Tube to the Pere-Lachaise cemetery (special request from Karine). Quite odd for us north americans, but goddam cool. Just walking around, reading the tombstones, enjoying parisian rain. After that, I'm not really sure of what we did, but we ended up in St-Germain, drinking cafe creme at Le Cafe De Flore. The stuffy air there and the lack of food caused me some problems and I nearly fainted. I passed about 15 minuts laying on the seat, feeling sick as hell. Fresh air made me better and we went to a library to buy some books. Alleluia. I decided at this moment that I would come to live in Paris one day. Tube to the Louvre and we walked the Tuileries gardens and the Champs Elysees (lalalala). Ended in french ersatz of MacDonald's, Quick and after in a cinema (a Gaumont cinema...interesting) watching "From Hell" - it is quite a bad movie, by the way. Tube to the hotel at midnight with Rachid. A big day.

Wednesday 20th - all day
Louvre! Despite all our good intentions, we woke up at 9:30 on that morning. Tasted the french breakfast (unforgettable baguette and confiture with a cafe creme...) of the hotel. Then, fast fast fast, let's go to the Louvre! I was first puzzled by the immensity of it, then it made me sad; I realised that I would not be able to see even a quarter of it all. After the egyptian departement, ous stomachs led us to the restaurant of the museum (very good food in there....recommended, and not too much expensive) then we just wondered around the museum, looking for the famous pieces (Victoire de Samothrace being my favorite one...) and, obviously, the Joconde - the crowd around the painting was most interesting than the painting in itself. We gave up in the Flander's section and decided to get out to wind up our minds a bit. We left the museum just in time, during a bomb alert. Great. We walked a bit, I called home and then went to a pastry to eat chocolate pancakes and hot chocolate. Vive Paris...We returned at the Louvre at 6pm and walked around in the french sculptures departement, wich I think was my favorite of all that we have seen in the Louvre. We left at 10pm and had the dinner at a greek restaurant in Montmartre who sells wonderful pastries. Great.

Thursay 21st - all day
We passed near to achieve our goal - waking up at 6h30am - and finally got in the dinning room at 8h30, wow! Early start to Versailles by the RER. We tried to screwed the system without paying, but they got us at the end in Versailles with electronic turnstiles that only open with your ticket. Jumping Jumping Jumping above them and walked to the palace. It was not that beautiful (Joking, I was stunned by it, mostly the gardens and the royal chapel....) After a chantilly waffle in the gardens, some singing and dancing (yes) we were too tired to do anything else so we urged home, bought some bread, cheese and pate and drank wine. Yummy.

Friday 22nd - various times that I do not remember at all and anyway no one cares even myself
I was woken up by Karine saying in the purest quebecois "Y vont tu fermer leu gueules les tabarnaks!!!". What's going on? There's a a party in the next room going in something that sounds like an Eastern European dialect....for as far as I am concerned, I don't mind and I can sleep even with a brass corps doing "Fanfare for a Common Man" in my room, but apparently, Karine can not so she woke me up to make sure she is not alone enduring that, probably a vegeance for the last time we went in London and I woke her up by mistake at 6AM. It's a long debate between her and me since. I managed to get some sleep until 8am then it became obvious that we had to get up if we wanted some breakfast. After some packing, we went at the Gare Du Nord again to put our bags in a locker, chatted with the most charming quebecer for one hour and took the tube to the Pantheon. One of an interesting visit, but still, too much things to remember....anyway. We went for lunch and ate tons of nutella crepes (hein Karine?) to prepare for a walk in the Luxembourg park. Champs Elysees to complete our week, where I learned my only sentence in Japanese ever :" KinowatachitachiwakAImonoEita " It means "Yesterday we went to the shopping center." It's very useful, believe me. It was so interesting that we almost missed the train and were the last one to get in it. Phew. After taht everyting went fine despite of the general feeling of exhaustion. Back in my bad at 11:30 on friday night. I love Paris

For now on, I've started to read my giude about Greece and I'm slowly planning it all. Last night was Karine's party : she is leaving for Quebec tomorrow. Me and Emilie will try to get along but surrounded as we are by total cunts of Le Manoir.....it's gonna be hard.


One week later

Saturday 16th 10pm - 7am
After my update on this page, we went to Charing Cross Station to put our shopping of the day, planning to get it back at around 3 or 4am on Sunday morning and then go back to Oxford for a bit of sleep. No lockers available in Charing Cross, but we met Eric from Guadeloupe, had a chat in French - wich does not occur often in London. Then, tube to Tottenham Court Rd, race for a club and we ended at The St-Moritz in Soho. The place was really cool, good music, good atmosphere. Recommended for a good talk, to meet new people and nearly faint because of the warmth. We took the bus from London to Ox. at 5am and the driver was nice enough to drop us at the corner of our street. Cheers!

Sunday 17th 7am - 10pm
Slept. Woke up at 2pm, breakfast, stayed in bed until 6pm, listening to my Radiohead CD. Call from my parents, started to pack at 8, had a shower, dressed up and left home at 10. Met Karine at the library and took the bus to Oxford, then London.

Monday 18th midnight - 5am
Stayed at the internet cafe for all night in London, had a short chat with Dan and a long one with JP. I somekind of missed my place for a while.

Monday 18th 5am - 11am
Took the first tube of the day to Waterloo Station, and then....the train! I was pretty excited, I thought that going at 300km/hr would be quite exciting but the experince was just like taking an ordinairy train - nothing particular, except for the fact that going through the Channel in twenty minuts is....well.....FAST! Welcome in France everyone, put your watches one hour ahead please. We arrived in Paris at 11. the railway station was quite confusing, but everything went nice. We wondered at how french people seemed so nice and easy going. England was far away back....

Monday 18th 11 am - 11pm
Sight seeing in Paris - what we will end up doing for the rest of the week but well...it was our first time after all. The first thing we saw was ...the tube to Notre-Dame....
......Then Notre Dame, obvioulsy.....
................................................Then the Arc de Triomphe.....
.......Then the Tour Eiffel (1700 steps....we climbed 700 of them...).....
......Then the Champs-de-Mars (very different from this park in Montreal built upon an highway....humhum...)........
We bought some food and got back to the Gare du Nord to get our luggages and tried to find our way back on the tube #2....we never made it and got lost somewhere in between Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est for one hour. Fuckin Hell...
We finally got to our hotel at 9pm, ate, wondered at the bathroom and finally went to bed at 11pm. I had slept 7 hours since Saturday morning, went shopping, clubbing, sightseeing, took the bus to Oxford-London-Oxford-London-again-Paris-by-train....I like this :)
Due to culinary reasons (I have to cook a pate chinois for Emilie and Karine tonight...I will probably finish this update tomorrow. Anyway it is of no consequence at all...


London. Once again. On a saturday night. The city is so exciting, we decided to stay over for the night and go out in a nightclub - it cannot be worse than Oxford and Park End...obviously :)

Karine is with me. Tomorrow we're going to Paris. Tonight we're going....well.....we don't know :) It seems like we cannot stop to DO something. Urge of living? I feel like a movie...you know...an american movie. Hard to explain.

I bought today a bootleg from Radiohead of their concert in Oxford this summer. Seems rather interesting, 2 CDs, loads of songs from "OK Computer" and "The Bends" - what lacked on their official live album released in last October. They even did "Creep" (Daniel, JP, I know you both are terribly jealous ;P ).

Official announcement!!
I will be online on mIRC and ICQ tomorrow from 7pm to midnight, MTL time. Be there (you know who you are).

So where will we end up tonight?....


An interesting afternoon spent at the Asmolean Museum in Oxford. I did not even see half of the stuff that was there so I guess I will go back one day or another.

After days and days and days and DAYS of patient waiting, when I went to Sainsbury's today, I finally had my hands on the LAST chocolate-orange muffin. This is what we can call "destiny".

On other topics :
The Future!
Just in case some of you planned to have a meeting with me in the next months...here is my schedule
Feb. 17 to Feb.22 - Paris
Mar. 23 to Mar. 28 : Oxbridge walk
May 2 to May 9 : Scotland
May 12 to ... Greece

Then, well, either I will make my way to Italia and France, or only France or directly Oxford, fetch my stuff and come back to Quebec for the summer. Then in August, come back in England and moving to London. Or moving to Montreal, work a bit, drink some beers, enjoying the uncertain concept of home. This is, as far as I know, how I will spend the rest of the year. Send your meeting submissions to dweeno@hotmail.com. Or you will probably receive mine.