Presently at the internet cafe in Charing Cross, London. 1am in the morning. I feel a bit sick - the fact is that, I'm eating chocolate chips biscuits and drinking pineapple fizzy drink in the same time. I have to stay awaken until ....until 10 pm tonight or something like that. I'm not really sure of the way I will manage it. Loads of coffee, gimme loads of coffee!!

For the first time in my life, I went tonight in Hackney, wich is the eastest point I've ever been to in London (E8, E8!!!). In fact, this is so remonte that the tube does not even go there...that was my trip of the month.

I woke up this morning at 10, read for about 4 hours and the decided to get up of my bed, joined Mimi in the living room to watch "Shrek", realised I was late, got ready and jumped in the bus to London. Arriving and, how to get there, how to get there? Made my way through the Starlink trains (something you could compare to the "trains de banlieue" in Montreal or the RER in Paris) and landed in this Hackney place. I got lost searching for the venue - should have turned left but took right....something I do everytime I go to a new place in London and makes me think "I hate this city." For you have to know, oh you all non-londoners, that the streets in London don't have their names shown on street corners like in every other city in the world. Here you have to guess if yes or no, you are on the right way. Very useful, considering above it all that even the londoners can not give you the right direction if you ask them. This is the most confusing city I've ever seen.

Long short story, I turned right but it was at the left. I walked for one hour, completely lost and feeling a bit insecure. I even asked my way to THREE different people, the three of them all telling me a different way. The last one was the good, and I finally stumbled across it : the London Ocean! From outside, it seemed quite promising, but my enthusiasm fastly fell; it was an old building all restored and redesigned inside and it looked like the Paramount cinema in Montreal : a big block of concrete with hollows inside to park people, make them have fun and enjoy the multitude of cafes and bars with cool lighting systems.

For the Manoir insiders : the song now playing here is Vivaldi's Spring....Fabienne, I will never forget you.

The band tonight was Godspeed You Black Emperor! probably the other Montreal band with an internationnal potential besides BranVan3000 (You think I'm talking nonsense saying that? I forgot a HUGE deathmetal band or you think that Moist deserved mote attention? Write!).

To confess everything, I had never listen to more than 3 songs from GYBE! in my life before tonight so the gig promised to be quite a shock. It was, definitely, the missing skin chunks from my hands can testify - I simply got transfixed by the music and I ended the gig with my nails firmly inserted in the flesh on my hands. It was an interesting experience, something that makes you either want to smash the furnitures around or roll on the floor, crying. Quite strange, actually. Music that you can listen to everyday? Certainly not.


Sorry to move this blog. I really did like the layout of the other, but as I said on the former URL, GeoCities is no longer permitting FTP updates. I will have to find another host in next May, when I will be back at home. For now on, you will have to deal with this white-basic look and the giant ad at the top. That is how bad your website can get when you're off around the world doing something else.

Anyway, I am thinking about getting an actual domain name and web host and pay for it - something I had made a point of honour to evitate since my start on the net 4 years ago. Well, this is it. After all, I have got myself a mobile phone here in England, so why not a domain?

Tomorrow is the Godspeed You Black Emperor gig at the London Ocean in Hackney. I don't know where it is, but I will manage my way anyway - that's what I've been doing for the last 6 months anyway. I'll be online from 7pm to 2 am, Mtl time. If you want to have a chat, simply come online!


A chunk of real life. I am going to talk about love, boys, attraction, etc...If you don't want to read, if you think it will hurt your feelings, piss off.

This is it. Springtime in England. I know it's ridiculous, but springtime always have the same effect on me : I fall in love. Well, not really in love. I simply find someone I become totally obsessed with. It has got nothing to do with Love in how it is really for me. It's simply what it is : someone I have to know by heart. Someone I could spend hours chatting with, someone who's going to change my life once again. I can't escape it. Every springtime, here we go and do it all over again. It has been like this for years. Simon, Sam M., Sam D., Geoff, Phil and this year...this year his name is Daniel and he lives in London.

It's funny how things happen. I never never NEVER talk to anybody in bars. It's the Groucho Marx syndrome : I would never join a club that would want me as a member. If someone thinks simply by looking at me in a bar that I am either attractive or sexy or whatever, this person can only be of the most horrible bad taste. I sometimes think that I should do something to fix this in my mind but well...it's another topic. But that's how it happened : I met Daniel in a bar. You know, it's the guy that you see at the beginning of the night and you think "oh my god". And as the night goes on, everytime this person comes to your sight, your heart crushes a bit more...

That's pretty lame, isn't it?

Of course, this wonderfully unique person never comes to you first. Either you take all your courage and go to him or you do nothing and regret it for days after.But sometimes, it happens. The wonderfully unique person comes to you and says "Hi". Maybe the wonderfully unique person is of the most horrible bad taste, maybe the wonderfully unique person is a total retarded, and maybe the wonderfully unique person is actually wonderfully unique. If you don't have the balls to answer, you will never know. If you hide behind your fears of people, you're screwed. If you do not smile, the wonderfully unique snowflake will melt. This second when you don't know what to answer to the most simple word of all, there's this feeling inside of you that makes your stomach going all weird and you think, shit, I am not at the right place. But you've already answered : Hello. How are you? And by the way, I love your shirt, it's funky.

And now? Now I'm lost and feel ridiculous because I'm interested in someone.

That's quite an uncommon post for this site. Do you agree with it? Do you want some more ? Does it interest you? Write.


Viva Australia!