Here we are : my last night in Greece. I am leaving tomorrow - at last?? Maybe.

I have passed the last week in the island of Santorini. Oh yes, it was great - the views were stunning, the lovely cycladic villages, the beaches, the sea....


In fact, the island was full of americans. This is what probably restrained me for talking to the people who were with me in the youth hostel (hey Yaz, how are you?). And, more generally, the place sucked. It was full of people who want to travel, allright, but not at any rate leaving home....What's the point in going away from home if it is for listening Blink-182 and Bob Marley and talking all day with other americans? Fuckin shit, I should have never gone to stay in this place....

But otherwise, I had a good time; most part of my days were spending sitting by the cliff, feet hanging over the sea down there at 300m. Not even a book. Just looking, feeling the sun and the wind on my face, thinking about stuff - dynamite stuff that you will read in time ;) Yes Santorini is one of the most stunning place I have seen in my life, but still, it is invaded by americans who like america so much...

On other topics, it seems more than ever that I achieve an esthetic greek standard (don't ask me wich one, I don't know...); I had fun counting how many times a man talks to me during a 20 minuts walk...I arrived at the interesting number of 17. I will probably had a depression back in Montreal, where no one at all has ever noticed me. Nevermind.

So, what will I remember of Greece?
*The bus rides. It was always such a good time, and at every turn of the road, especially in Crete, I thought that we were going down the scenery.
My week in Paleohora, on the South Coast of Crete.
*The ferry boat to Crete
*My night under an olive tree in the Peloponese
*The morning following my night under the olive tree.
*The fun I had in Nafplio with Sam, Penny, Priscilla and Emmie.
*The gyros (every night its gyros)
*Fuckin nutella and bread.
*Fuckin apricot jam.
*Fuckin stinky bathrooms.
*Reading Laborit at the cafe in Hania at half past seven in the morning.

Well, the list could goes on and on and on...This was certainly not a usual backpacking trip according to standards : I have not got drunk, I have not fucked anyone, I have spent most of my time alone and I have not "made friends that will last for the rest of my life" (bullshit). It was in fact a time that was suspended in time. I did not grow old during that month, I did not get fatter or thinner, nothing has changed. I will come home or in England and everything will be the same, thanks god. This month did not really exist for me, exept for the images it uploaded in my memory. It's great.

Ok, JP is going to Japan in three days now. It is the equivalent for him than me going to UK...so JP, make the most of it!